Types of Security Cameras

Different types of security cameras/surveillance cameras:

1. Bullet Cameras

2. Dome Cameras

3. Fake Cameras

4. I.P. Cameras

5. Spy Cameras

6. Wireless Cameras

How to activate on and off your alarm system

Home alarms are much different than car alarms. With your home security system simply go to your keypad and punch or press the secret security code. The code usually is a 4 number characters in length. Press the code and leave the house immediatley because you have 30 seconds to 1 minute to leave the house before the alarm will sound. You can ask your local alarm installer to program the delay the response from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you fail to leave the house on time during the delayed response the alarm system siren will activate loud. It’s very loudddddd because it can be a nuisance to your neighbors if your not careful. Also you will receive a phone call from the monitoring station to check if everything is all right.

You will be asked for a secret identity code to double check you are the verfied home owner…if not they will dispatch the police immediately.

14 year old teen killed in home burglary

After school hours a 14 year old teen was killed when she walked inside her home during a burglary. This is a quite suburb community with no major crimes in the past history. The invasion took place during the daytime between 5 and 5:30 pm. More details here

You wonder from a security standpoint if a simple motion detector or glass breakage installed for a couple of hundred dollars would have prevented this…

Can home alarm companies monitor existing home security systems?

We got a call from a customer and asked if we can monitor and existing home alarm system…basically there is a home security system installed for the previous homeowners.

Some home alarm companies can takeover or monitor an existing alarm system as long there is no lockout code in the box(master control panel). Any of your local home alarm companies can monitor any system as long there are no special lockout codes. Just make sure you have no contract with a monitoring company then there should be no problem with monitoring your home.

On the other hand, If you have an adt or brinks home security then it’s not possible to takeover their home security system because they manufacture/program their own system.

For free estimate on security systems simply call your local alarm company or refer to this guide to find a security professional.

Best Home Security Systems in Houston, Texas

What is the best home security systems in Houston, Texas? That’s a real good question because I’ve seen a lot of alarm companies come and go. Some alarm companies go out of business and some are bought out by the bigger companies like ADT.

The best alarm company will offer you the combination of the best price and the best customer service. After checking the top brand companies in the industry like ADT, Broadview formerly brinks, Protection1, etc I believe the monitoring rates are way over priced.

here are the latest monthly prices I checked for the top name brands

ADT: 42.99
Broadview: 39.99
Protection1 35.99

Depending on the market you live in the prices do vary from city to city. Some companies charge an activation fee of 99 dollars or higher or less depending on the market and sales agent who is speaking with you. It’s possible to get zero dollars down for a security system if you do your homework and shop around for the best deal.

Calvary Alarm can find you the best deal for home security for you in Houston, Texas by submitting your contact information on the contact page. Leave your phone number and an agent assist you.

A free system is not really free because the price of the alarm system is built into the monthly rate. So a free system might seem like a real good deal but it’s not. The monthly rate is part of the make or break for a lot of customers.

All alarm companies:
will have a 3 year contract

will do a credit check – the higher the credit score the better chance you have wiggle room to negotiate price very similiar to applying for a home loan.

most will do auto pay- you can qualify for a lower monthyl rate if you opt to use auto pay to pay your monthly bill

The Best Security Alarm Systems with No monthly bill

You can find home alarm systems at your local hardware store for cheap if you want to use it as a deterrent. The very cheap alarm system I found was at the dollar store which contained one small battrry operated magnet with a built in mini low volume siren. The magnet is a sensor that attaches to the door or window and when it is tripped the alarm system siren goes off. Basically this a small portable wireless alarm system for one zone( window or door)

The definition of a zone for an alarm system is basically a room or section of your house. Some home security systems have 3,5,7 zones on your keypad. This means if an intrusion occured you can tell which part of the house was invaded. For example, I can designate or name the living room zone 3, master bedroom zone 2, etc. This will determine which zone was violated.

You can use or try that for starters to see if that works for you but I would not use it because the siren is so low that the next door neighbors at my place will not hear an intrusion or break-in.

You want a home security system with a siren that is loud enough to scare the intruder and your neighbors to hear that a break in is happening.

I will review other alarm systems in the near future

Other sources to pick up security systems:

Home Depot



Local Hardware Store

How to find the best deal for a security system

If you call ADT I can tell you now that unless you’re willing to spend money some serious cash, there are security system companies that offer better deals and prices. I’ve been in the alarm security for over ten years now and I’ve seem companies come and go (out of business) and that leaves the customer without support or help.

The worst case scenario I personally witnessed is that some or most alarm companies sell your monitoring contract agreement to Adt and other big time security alarm companies. That’s why if you pay attention, most alarm agreements are for 3 years. In retrospect, free home security systems are not really free because the cost is built or factored in the monthly dues.

The key in finding a good security company is to make calls to your local alarm companies. They tend to give you the attention and support because these are small business owners rely on your referrals from friends and family. You’ll find in most cases the monthly monitoring cost is a lot lower, you get great customer support(no hassle support), rapid response for emergency support 24/7, etc…

Call your local alarm for prices and I’m sure you’ll find the best deal…

Home Invasion Victim describes fighting off masked gunmen

Victim describes fighting off masked gunmen
. Home owner fights back against attempted home invasion around 5a.m early morning. He was strapped tied up and held by gun point.

Security cameras or surveillance cameras are a smart idea

Security cameras are indeed a good idea if you have high priced valuables or simply wanting to monitor your home or business. You can monitor the video from your TV/computer of your house/business especially if they knock or ring the doorbell. You can actually have a clear description of what they look like from the hair color, skin color, if they are wearing blue jeans or a ski mask.

With the technology ever increasing by minute I’m sure now you can monitor your house/business from your iphone and android phones. Phone apps. for car alarms are now available so one can monitor your vehicle for break-ins. This special app. can alert you when attempted break-ins happen and which side of the vehicle and what type of intrusion is happening through the windows or doors.

I have a friend who installed a discreet video security camera on top of the roof of a house which monitors/records his house 24 hours a day. When nobody’s home, that surveillance camera is recording all and every detail through rain or shine.

If you decide to get security cameras make sure you get one that records very well in the dark. Some cheap video cameras don’t record too well in the dark so you want to look for a low lux feature if you decide to go this route.

For a free estimate on new installs for security cameras simply call your local alarm company or refer to this guide to find great deals on surveillance cameras

Man arrested for home burglaries

Man arrested recently for a string of burglaries in California. He walked around the neighborhood looking for unlocked doors/windows during late nights or early in the morning. In some cases homeowners were in deep sleep while he stole goods and items. Here is link to man arrested

Robbers captured finding homes to break-in

Found an interesting article on robbers using google to find potential homes to burglarize. Apparently they got caught and put in jail. One homeowner claimed that he has shotgun and if anybody comes to my house we will shoot. I find some homeowners use a shotgun for protection instead of having a home security system.

I guess it’s all about choice..some states allow guns for defense purposes. here is the link to the story for robbers who got caught